the open skate of podcasts:
a show for figure skating enthusiasts of all skill levels


Figure skating enthusiasts, adult beginner skaters and avid texters Meghan and Neda join forces to talk about current events in the world of competitive figure skating from the perspective of people who appreciate the sport but are far from sports journalists or professional commentators.

A deep-dive into song selection, outfit choices, dramatic falls and soaring successes, as observed by two theatre people with a lot to say.



scifi-writer, theater maker, aspiring Plus Five Apparel model, Pisces non-smoker looking for something serious, done with all the games.

Meghan dreams dreams and makes memes on twitter @meghankelleher3

Meghan pulls herself around the wall of the ice rink in Jackson Artistes.


theatre maker, drag artist, aspiring adult figure skater,
and the reason for 99% of the traffic on the ISU results website.

you may find Neda yelling (usually about Stéphane Lambiel) over on twitter @NedaMarie.

Neda skates in Edea Overtures.

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